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the customer who bought YES "no boat"

< Yes / Fragile "NO BOAT" first edition cover >

Yes / Fragile "NO BOAT" first edition was into the hands of Mr. Y, who are the customer of our store in Japan.

- Interview -
Thank you for your purchase of the YES "NO BOAT".
Please let us know what do you think about that you got the real thing.

Mr. Y ➡ I bought it because I thought it's a work very valuable as art.
Aura of the real thing was more than expected.
There is a feeling of satisfaction as purchased a Fine Art.
Of course, its worth is based on the splendor of music.

Please tell us about your policy of collecting.

Mr. Y ➡ Since there is a space to decorate a picture in my ︎room, and I collect while imagine what kind scenery when the jacket is decorated.
Listening to music while looking at the jacket is ideal to relieve stress.

And in others,
Please introduce one interesting collection.

Mr. Y ➡ This is a promotional poster of “mellow candle”.







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